Why Blog Now?

AppDeco has been around for over 4 years ever since I launched my first app Up, Up, and in all that time there was never a blog. So why start now? Essentially, I want to use it as a tool to stay productive and accountable.

Many times I say I'm going to do something, but never actually do it. I'm hoping that if I put my thoughts into writing, it will turn into action. Secondly, in putting it on a public medium such as a blog, I was hoping that the kind people of the Internet will hold me accountable too! Basically, I want to put pressure on myself to achieve what I set my mind on.

I also believe in the idea that it is healthy to create as much as you consume. I spend a ton of time reading blogs/news, watching Netflix, lisetining to podcasts, and playing video games. So much consumtion of entertainment, but not nearly enough creating of anything. Sometimes we feel like we are "brain-dead" or a "zombie", and I think that's because we spend too much time consuming and not enough time creating. I believe this blog will help remedy this.

So stay tuned. There will be many projects to come, but first I must finish redesigning the AppDeco website!